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Change the way lab results reach doctors and patients. You can use LabLink's tools to customize result reports, aggregate data, and develop new applications on our platform.

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  • Drive Patient Engagement
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    What's LabLink?

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    For Labs

    We help labs win new business, maintain loyalty, and reduce cost.

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    For Patients

    We deliver lab data that patients can understand and engage with.

    How does LabLink Work?

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    For Doctors

    We customize lab reports to fit each doctor's unique needs and style.

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    The LabLink Advantage


    Whether a modern, beautiful style or an old-fashioned format for faxing, LabLink helps you customize each report to the needs of every stakholder. Support the way doctors communicate with each and every patient.


    Every report, tool, and product at LabLink is built to scale. Increase your business and advertise new features without worry. More clients? More tests? Rare diseases? No Problem. We don't just help your business grow, we grow with your business.


    Our platform is built to support new ideas, products, and applications for your laboratory data. Don't just improve your current business, find and create new ways to monetize your lab and change the world.

    Meet LabLink

    Our Product


    A Report for Every Client

    Every doctor has their own unique workflow and style. Some use old equipment, some want vibrant colors, and some just want to cut costs - but they're all forced to compromise. But we believe that lab information should fit the needs of every provider, and become the bridge between them and their patient. LabLink customizes lab reports to the needs of each doctor, helping you deliver unique federally compliant reports that serve the needs of both doctors and patients. With LabLink:

    • Meet the needs of your customers
    • Win new clients with unique features
    • Improve patient engagement and health

    The Same Data in a Better Package

    We know the hard work, skill, and investment that goes into performing a lab test. That's why we want your reports to reflect your organization: you'll do whatever it takes to help clients, down to the smallest detail. Here are jut a few customizations we can apply.

    • Sort and organize critical components
    • Interactive details to explain tests to patients
    • Custom test panels for individual doctors
    • Paired report styles for patient-doctor discussions

    How do we improve reports? Look at the difference:

    The LabLink Difference

    Before LabLink
    After LabLink

    The Provider-Patient Bridge

    LabLink can even fit information to the needs of the doctor and patient all at once. Help your patients understand their results, what they can do about their health, and how measurements have changed over time. Patients can even use AR to find new information and advice from their providers. Just use our app to scan the L-AR code and discover new ways to improve health.
    • Give reports patients understand
    • Use AR to foster communication
    • Help patients determine their priorities

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